Saezuri 0.0.42

Attractive, fully featured Twitter desktop client


  • Nice interface design
  • Support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Built-in tools to shorten URLs and attach photos
  • Customization options
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts


  • No support for Twitter lists

Very good
If you're hooked on Twitter you should give Saezuri a try!

Saezuri is an AIR-based Twitter client that lets you interact with this revolutionary communication tool from your desktop. No more opening your web browser, loading up the Twitter homepage and signing in with your username and password every time you want to send a new update. Saezuri takes care of everything!

Saezuri has a nicely designed interface and includes all the features you would expect from a Twitter client: configure multiple accounts, view your timeline, send new tweets, check replies and direct messages... Saezuri even features built-in tools to shorten URL and attach photos to your tweets. The only thing that Saezuri doesn’t seem to support yet is Twitter lists.

One of the most outstanding features in Saezuri is its customization options: you can define the time interval to check for new messages, choose how you want to be notified about them, pick a skin for the interface and even create filters for unwanted words – great to create temporal filters for certain hashtags.

In all, Saezuri is a small yet fully featured desktop client that can make your Twitter experience even more enjoyable.



Saezuri 0.0.42

User reviews about Saezuri

  • Emanuela Asuchi

    by Emanuela Asuchi

    Almost perfect client, definitely recommended..
    This twitter client is the only AIR-based client I tried using t...   More